Putting together the words for the Stress Manager reminded me of a blog I wrote in October 2013 but it is a relevant now as it was then, I still found lots of other things to do first!


Some stress can be good for us,  it helps us get things done but if we overload ourselves with anxious feelings our mind and body become out of balance and ineffective.

The first step to managing stress is recognising that you are stressed and taking time to identify what triggers it.

This morning I had a full day planned and then a client cancelled.   I thought positively ‘That means I can do something else’.   Then the thoughts started – shall I do my accounts; tidy the office; catch up with emails; write my blog etc. etc. –   I couldn’t decide!   So what did I do?  I made a drink, I played a game of solitaire, text friends to arrange meetings.   In fact I did everything I could to procrastinate from making a decision.  At last I acknowledged unexpected free time was caused me stress – I had too much choice!    As you can see once I had recognised the issue I could deal with it.   I took a few minutes to sit, breathe deeply and calm my thoughts down then I could make a decision.

So what causes you stress?

  • Do you have too many things to do
  • Do you have too little time to do everything expected of you, or want to do?
  • Do you have no control over your workload?
  • Are you a perfectionist – it is believed that people who are perfectionist are more likely to be stressed, anxious or depressed.
  • Always thinking you haven’t done enough or done it right.  Sometimes we have to accept we’ve done our best

If you feel stressed take time out.   Find a quiet place to sit and let your mind relax.   You can meditate but you may not feel comfortable, you could read a book, have a drink; go for a walk; sit and enjoy your garden.   Whatever works for you.

By taking time out for you your mind can learn to be calm and clear thinking can be restored.

Try it for yourself!